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Your #1 Foreclosure Resource

RealtyTrac® is the nation's #1 source for foreclosure information.

  • Find short sale and REO listing leads with access to a nationwide database of pre foreclosure and foreclosure properties
  • Secure discounts on other RealtyTrac® products
  • Invaluable listing presentation tool
  • Build your brand with free personalized newsletters
  • Learn the foreclosure market with a FREE Foreclosure 101 webinar

It's just $19.95/month for MRED customers - save over 67% on everything RealtyTrac® has to offer.

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You Don't Want to Miss the Gadgets

With MLS Data Co-op, do a property search and be presented with an array of gadgets right on your desktop that provide you information at your fingertips, such as:

  • Property photos
  • MLS Listing Details (if currently listed)
  • Tax Record Details
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Access RealAVM Property Values
  • Mapping technology

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Also, MRED Customers have access to select areas across the country on the Data Co-op

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Be The Market Expert

Infosparks is the coolest interactive online market analytics tool

  • Try it on your iPad or other tablet
  • Search several areas at once
  • Embed LIVE Infosparks links on your blog, website or emails
  • Get crazy with your custom searches using price ranges, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • Improved location and segment searching, like the ability to search words out of order and without punctuation
  • Ability to renew expired and expiring shared pages
  • Bar charts! Yes, you heard us - bar charts! 

Access Infosparks from the Tools, Resources & Links menu by clicking the tools icon in the upper right hand corner of any page of connectMLS. Infosparks is also accessible from the Additional Information menu on any listing in connectMLS.

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Rules Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of MRED Rules & Regulations?

The MRED Rules & Regulations Department will be offering a Quiz in November to test knowledge of current MRED policies. 5 winners will receive Visa gift cards valued at either $200 or $100! The quiz will start on November 9th and end on November 30th. Any agent with nine or more correct answers will be entered into the drawing. Start studying!

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What's Coming Up?

National Association of Realtors® Conference - November 13th-16th in San Diego

Register for the 2015 Graduate, REALTOR Institute - December 2 & 3rd in Peoria

Hidden in!

Did you know MRED provides FREE training classes on connectMLS and our products and services? MRED does training in our own office and at our local Association Partner's offices. Visit for a list of our FREE training classes.

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About MRED

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Are you familiar with MRED's Menu of Products and Services?

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Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) is the real estate data aggregator and distributor providing the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 40,000 brokers, agents and appraisers and 8,000 offices. MRED serves Chicago and the surrounding "collar" counties and provides property information encompassing northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana. MRED delivers over twenty products and services to its customers, complementing connectMLS, the top rated MLS system per the latest WAV Group MLS Technology Survey. Connect with MRED at

DISCLAIMER: Please always check with your managing broker or office manager to ascertain if any of your office policies supercede any general rule, information, suggestion or offer about the MLS system, other MRED products/ services or real estate in general contained in this communication.  Nothing herein is legal advice.

October 29, 2015

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Can I Add My Cell Phone Number to my connectMLS Business Card?

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Reminder: Agent Reports contain confidential information. They are NOT for distribution to or sharing with members of the public. Use Client Reports for that.

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MRED and IAR have partnered with Inman Select to provide a free subscription to Inman Select to IAR members and MRED customers!

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MRED Training has added classes at the REALTOR® Association of Fox Valley

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Explore the training opportunities at All MRED training - hands on, webinars, custom office training, videos - is FREE.

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