MRED'S Tuesday Tip Sheet

Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!


Hot Tip #1 - Become familiar with MRED's Photo Retention Policy.  MRED keeps a minimum of four years of listings in connectMLS™.  A Photo Retention Policy is needed so we do not run out of disk space or negatively impact system performance.  Therefore, all photos remain on connectMLS™ pursuant to these guidelines:
- The primary photo for all properties is kept in connectMLS™ indefinitely.
- Supplemental photos for Closed properties are kept for one year past the Closed Date.
- Supplemental photos for Cancelled, Expired and Rented properties are kept for six months past the off market date.
Hot Tip #2 -  Photos of just the front door are unacceptable as the primary photo.  The primary photo should give other agents and propsective purchasers an idea of what the property looks like.  Please take a picture that's a good representation of the front exterior of the property.
Hot Tip #3 - Looking for a virtual tour vendor?  Go to and right on the home page (no logging in necessary) click on the "Marketing Partners" link.  You can also click HERE to go right to that page.  When there, click on any one of the vendors listed for more information.
Hot Tip #4 - Do you have any questions about photos or virtual tours?  Please feel free to call 630-955-0011 and ask for Photos.
SPECIAL BONUS - Hot Tip #5 - What do I do if I forgot to watch the Coming Soon video for Walk Score that appeared in last week's Weekend Watch?  Click HERE and watch it now! 
BTW - scheduled release date for Walk Score is one week from today, Tuesday, February 14th!
Any other questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk, at 630-955-2755 or
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