Walk Score® is More Than Just About Walking


Hot Tip #1 - But my home is in the suburbsEveryone knows that for the most part we drive more in the suburbs than in the city.  Walkability is a measure of proximity to surrounding amenities.  While the actual Walk Score® might not be high for your property, there are several other facets of Walk Score® that make it valuable to you, such as:
- Walk Score® calculates your commute to work, school, the train station, i.e. anywhere.
- Walk Score® generates four metrics - drive time and estimated annual fuel cost; public transit options and time; walk time and bike time; and all of these with routes displayed on a map.
- Walk Score® provides a map of the nearest amenities for every property (schools, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.).
- Use Walk Score® to search for nearby places like "Gyms" or "forest preserves".
Hot Tip #2 - Can I add places that are missingYes - see Hot Tip #4 below for a link to a very short (five minute) video on Walk Score® that includes instruction on this as well as finding out about Transit Score and adding Walk Score® to your search results.
Hot Tip #3 - Walk Score® is found on more than 10,000 web sites! Your clients are already familiar with Walk Score®, shouldn't you be? Walk Score® can be found on such popular real estate sites as Zillow, Cloud CMA, CCIM, ZipRealty, Windermere, John L. Scott, ForRent.com and MyNewPlace.com.  Isn't it better that you be the one to provide your clients with this valuable information rather than them getting it elsewhere?
Hot Tip #4 - Become familiar with Walk Score®. There is a lot more to Walk Score™ than walking. If you didn't catch our earlier stand alone email on Walk Score®, please take five minutes now and click to watch this video.
Hot Tip #5 - For MRED Products and Services, like Walk Score®, call MRED's Help DeskJust saving you some time and effort with this tip.  Our staff is trained and prepared to answer any questions you have about our products and services.  Call 630-955-2755 or email help.desk@mredllc.com.
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