MRED's Tuesday Tip Sheet

Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!

Hot Tip #1 - The time frame for reporting new listings and all other changes of status is still 72 hours.  Been that way for quite a long time.  It is 72 hours (not business hours) from signatures on the documents to entering or modifying the status on the connectMLS™ system.  It's a $100 fine for non-compliance, but don't worry, your fellow real estate professionals would never tell on you.   :)
Hot Tip #2 - To be a most efficient and cutting edge real estate professional, you need to use electronic signatures, such as provided through services like DocuSign. The technology is now well established and utilized across the country.  If only MRED had something like DocuSign . . .
WAIT! We WILL be providing eSignature capability through DocuSign starting next week! And it will be FREE for the first five packets of documents each month. Look for the Coming Soon details on this exciting announcement later this week . . .
Hot Tip #3 - Use the updated Status Change Form.  It's updated so it's better.  Log in to connectMLS™, click on the Forms tab, then the MRED Forms link.  It's Form #20 (Status Change Form, Revised 2/28/12).  Please get rid of the older versions.  We don't want to delay processing your request because we don't have the information we need, so use the newest form and fill it out completely.  It must be signed by your Broker or Office Manager.  The seller's signature is no longer required by MRED but you may want it for your own records (hint, hint).
Hot Tip #4 - On the Status Change Form, PCHG (NEW) is only for listings where the list price was incorrectly entered and you want to retain the NEW status.  Use the box above it (regular old PCHG) for all your other listings.
Any questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk, at 630-955-2755 or
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