MRED's Tuesday Tip Sheet

Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!

Hot Tip #1 - When closing out your listings in connectMLS™, please report the correct financing, Seller Concessions and Seller Concessions Amount/Points.
The reason these are required fields is this information is necessary when analyzing similar properties for comps, pulling statistics for areas, etc.  Please make sure you are providing accurate information.
Hot Tip #2 - While we are on the subject, please remember when closing out your listings in connectMLS™ to indicate if the property was REO/Bank Owned, a Short Sale or Court Approved sale. 
Please mark the "Short Sale/Foreclosed/Court Approved" field accordingly.  This is also a required field, and the affect on comps and statistics is obvious.  Your help is appreciated.
Hot Tip #3 - OK - one more.  When closing out your listings in connectMLS™, please put the appropriate selling agent ID in the Selling Agent ID field. 
There are a couple of tricky circumstances that pop up here:
 - When you don't have a selling agent from MRED.  Please use 99999 if the selling agent is not an MRED subscriber.
- When it is new construction and you don't have a selling agent.  Use 99995 as the selling agent ID for these.
Any questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk, at 630-955-2755 or


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