MRED's Tuesday Tip Sheet
Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!
Hot Tip #1 - After you enter a listing into connectMLS™, please proof it.
Check for typos, particularly in your Remarks and Agent Remarks.  We see a lot of "beaytifol yards" or "sort sales".  It's not just an issue of looking professional to your clients and fellow agents, but also to any consumer searching Internet sites where Remarks are published.
Hot Tip #2 - For your new listings, always check that the street name and compass point are correctly entered into connectMLS™.
A good example of this: spell "La Salle" Street like I just did, not "lasalle".  Regarding compass point, the difference between N and S or E and W can obviously be all the difference in the world.  Mess up a compass point and you might as well just put a completely different address on it.  An incorrect compass point means the listing will map incorrectly and will not be found by any agent using map search to find potential buyers. 
If you are uncertain of the spelling or compass point, go to Realist® or the county.  Also make sure it is correct in the listing agreement.
Hot Tip #3 - Before assigning a listing number to a draft listing that has been cloned from a prior listing, review the entire listing, including the list date.
Do not assume the cloned listing has the correct PIN number, unit number, etc.  That's just bad business.
BONUS tip: per MRED rules, cloning of photos submitted by a different office is strictly prohibited and may result in a fine FOR EACH OCCURRENCE.
Any questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk, at 630-955-2755 or
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