MRED's Tuesday Tip Sheet
Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!
Hot Tip #1 
For your property photos, please upload JPGs into connectMLS™.
While other file types may work, MRED recommends you upload JPGs for your property photos.  The recommended size is 512 pixels wide x 400 pixels high.  Please note that PNGs and PDFs do not convert for the posting of pictures in connectMLS™.
BONUS TIP: When you are uploading photos for your listings into connectMLS™, occasionally a little red "x" may appear in the left hand corner of the photo box.  That indicates the photo is corrupt; please do not save these in connectMLS™.
Hot Tip #2    
You CAN register for MRED training classes online, at
Go to, log on and click on the Training tab to see all of the possibilities, including hands-on classes, webinars and videos.  If you prefer a human helping hand, call us at 630-955-2755 and we'll get you set up.  As always, MRED Training is FREE.  No limit on how often or how many classes, so let loose!  Get crazy, we won't tell anybody . . .
Hot Tip #3
If you enter a listing in connectMLS™ with the wrong list price and it is still in the NEW status, you can send over a status change form with the PCHG (NEW) section filled out.
MRED will correct the typo and it will retain its NEW status.
Any questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk at 630-955-2755 or


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