MRED's Tuesday Tip Sheet

Quick Tips to Help You to a Winning Week!
Hot Tip #1

Before buying something new, first take
advantage of what you already have
This is just a good business tip. It never makes sense to spend more for products and services you might already have or are already available to you.

With MRED  this means taking advantage of the new to familiarize yourself with everything we offer by exploring the information under the Products & Resources tab.

It also means registering for free training classes (hands on and online), viewing online videos, or attending webinars to fully appreciate the capabilities of all the different MRED products and services.

We're betting that you can take better advantage of what is available. Get started today!

Hot Tip #2
Have Custom Office Training at your office
All you need is ten agents to show up and you can have an experienced MRED trainer come out to your office at your convenience to teach what you want to learn! You can have multiple subjects covered too; event set up with your own curriculum. 

Custom Office Training is set up by your managing broker or office manager. Let them know that you and your peers would love to take advantage of this benefit. Call 630-955-2754 to get the ball rolling.
Hot Tip #3
Add the Previous Searches widget
to your My MLS home page

You have the ability to display your 20 previous searches right on your My MLS desktop. It only takes a sec to add the Previous Searches widget. After logging in to connectMLSTM, client the Setup tab, choose the "Modify home page layout" link and click on the Previous Searches box to add it to the My MLS page.
Hot Tip #4
Manage your showings using ShowingAssistTM - it's FREE

ShowingAssistTM is integrated into connectMLSTM and gives you the ability to schedule and manage your showings. 98%  of MRED's offices have currently enabled ShowingAssistTM  for their listings.
As an agent, you can collect showing feedback and make it easier for other to schedule appointments to show your listings. In September, we will be adding significant enhacements, so now is a great time to start using ShowingAssist TM. This one is a no brainer. For more information, click HERE.

Any questions?  You can always contact the MRED Help Desk at 630-955-2755 or



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